How Much Does It Cost To Take Care Of A Disabled Person?



Having a disability can mean you have any number of functional limitations. There are different types of disabilities they may be physical, sensory, mental or intellectual. The disability can also vary in severity, it may be mild or arduous. Additionally, some disabilities span for a few years or across a whole life time. Therefore, there is no exact answer or amount for the question “how much it costs to look after a disabled person?” The answer would be different for everyone who has a disability. Everyone disabled person is different and all disabilities vary in some degree.Beyond Blue is an organisation that can help you and your family during these tough times.

Those with disabilities have extra costs of living that others do not have. This includes having higher medical expenses like more medical bills, hearing aids and wheelchairs. They would also be spending more on modifying their house and on transportation. They also may need to be living in areas that are more accessible for disabled people, especially the physically disabled. Many studies show that people with disabilities are poor compared to those that aren’t. If there is no family member or friend who can take care of them they may need a personal assistant which can be costly. Therefore, they often need government support and sometimes don’t succeed in finding a job they can do despite their disability.

What is NDIS pricing like?

The Australian government in July of 2016 launched the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). The NDIS is designed for disabled Australians under the age of 65 with a permanent and significant disability. You are eligible for the scheme if your disability passes the criteria. NDIS pricing varies because the scheme is so complex. When the scheme is fully implemented it will present support to around 475,000 disabled people, which will cost $22 billion AUD every year. It provides free access to therapy so the disabled can be more independent. It covers the expensive specialist equipment that the patient may need. Additionally, it provides support to access personal care and transportation easily. Basically, the scheme enables the disabled to have the most normal life they can possibly have. Some companies like Spectrum are available to support you through your NDIS application and beyond.

Home care packages may be a good alternative

Those who don’t qualify for the NDIS such as older people who are over 65 take out a home care package.Since the 20th September 2017,home care package costs have been around $142 dollars every fortnight per person. Those with a home care package may also be asked to pay an additional fee known as an income-tested care fee.

A recent Australian Productivity Commission report found some problems with the NDIS. Some people who aren’t content with the scheme said they found it difficult to find providers to deliver on their NDIS funded and approved plans. There are problems in the communication between the NDIS and home care providers. It is not clear throughout the Australian bureaucracy who is responsible in implementing all the different parts of the NDIS scheme. Also, the Commission says that many new jobs will need to be created in the disability care sector and there is an insufficient number of providers to fully implement the scheme properly.


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